About Us


At Algastena, we are dedicated to encouraging the development and growth of the next generation of geniuses. We want young people like our founder’s daughter, who loves music and performing on stage, to realize that it is all right to be who you truly are and dance to your own tune.

Our Views

More often than not, we have the best of times when we’re doing or thinking of something we’re passionate about. We even smile when we’re lost in thought, contemplating about everything from the earth to the stars. These are some of the reasons why we should always go after what our heart desires and never stop dreaming.

We believe that people whose talents are latent or underdeveloped are like diamonds in the rough that are waiting to be polished. That’s why we want to make sure that these individuals receive the support they need to continue pursuing whatever they love, be it music, art, dance, sports, or science.

How Algastena Started

Algastena was inspired by the fact that our founder’s daughter thought “Jammin in My own Mind Having a Good Time "  was a great thing to say. Although our founder never took formal lessons or identified as a musician, our founder composes music mentally and plays tunes for her to see what she thinks. Our founder uses these moments to remind her that everybody has a talent that can be shared with the world. These personal interactions between the two are the foundations of our company.